"Abortion is the most atrocious holocaust in the history of the United States."

​Dr. Bernard Nathanson, Jewish  atheist, abortionist, co-founder of NARAL. He became a pro-life activist after performing  an ultrasound guided abortion, shown on the video, The Silent Scream, a must see reality check.

 Mary Margaret (Peggy) Baxter MS, RN-BC. 

 At this point I would ask my fellow Jewish ethicists, especially the traditionalists ones: Does our reverence for human life, even the miniscule human life of the newly conceived embryo, with what the tradition calls human dignity ( kvod ha-beriyot )?  Surely we are not obligated  or even permitted to kill a human life, however prehuman it looks, for the sake of someone else’s therapeutic needs - that is for the sake of somebody to whose life the embryo is not a direct threat.  We certainly are not obligated or even permitted to kill an embryo for the more indirect benefit of the advancement of possible helpful scientific information.  I believe that we are neither obligated nor permitted to do so.  I believe that we are prohibited from doing so.  We can discover that prohibition ( issur )  philosophy and thus argue it to anyone, anywhere, at any time.  The argument need not be confined to persons who are required to live according to our own moral theology, although our moral theology certainly can confirm it.

That position is fully consistent with Maimonides’ emphasis on how important advances in scientific knowledge are for our moral deliberations about universal human phenomena.  Thus, the discovery of DNA and when it first emerges in a human being should change our thinking about the beginning of human life in the same way that the discovery that babies born in the eight month of pregnancy are viable ( ben qayyama ) changed our thinking about early infant life, even though in the days of the Talmud people believed that they were not viable. Jews are bound by halakhic norms.  With regard to questions of human life and death, however, they are not bound to some of their applications that are based on what we now know to have been inaccurate, outdated science.  The science of the Talmud has been superseded by more current science, which itself might be superseded in the future.

                                                                                                                                           The Sanctity of Human Life.  Rabbi David Novak. Page 68


Peggy has been employed for over 45 years in various healthcare environments, including critical care, mental health, corrections, and military service.  She  is board certified in Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing, and in Oct. 2015 , was commissioned as a Faith Community Nurse.

Do not stand idly by while your neighbor's blood is being spilled .                                                                            Leviticus 19:16


Thou shalt not follow a multitude to do evil.   Exodus 23:2    

Cecily is a native of Pittsburgh, PA. She obtained her MSW from the University of Pittsburgh. She founded the Jewish Pro-Life Foundation in 2005. Cecily is a member of Congregation Ahavath Achim, a traditional synagogue located in Carnegie, PA, and resides in the Pittsburgh area with her husband, Tom.

 Cecily Routman


 ​​​​Rabbi David Novak 

Spiritual Advisor

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Tom holds a Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Development from the University of Pittsburgh. He is a math wiz and  a common sense guru.

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“Fewer women would have abortions if wombs had windows.” 
Dr. Bernard Nathanson,  Former Abortionist, in his book, Aborting America.                      
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The preborn child is not a "potential" human being, but rather a Human Being with Potential!

 Tom Kimmerle


"Cowardice asks the question, is it safe?    Expediency ask the question,  is it politic?   Vanity asks the question, is it popular? 

But, conscience asks the question, is it right?  And there comes a time when we must take a position that is neither safe,                                                  nor politic, nor popular, but one must take it because it is right.”                                            Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


Since 1997 Dr. Novak holds the J. Richard and Dorothy Shiff Chair of Jewish Studies as Professor of Religion and Philosophy in the University of Toronto, where he is a member of University College and the Joint Centre for Bioethics.  Read Rabbi Novak's Bioand Curriculum Vitae.

A Jew is governed by such reverence for life that he trembles lest he tamper unmindfully with the greatest of all divine gifts, the bestowal or withholding of which is the prerogative of God alone. Although he be master over all within the world, there remain areas where man must fear to tread, acknowledging the limits of his sovereignty and the limitations of his understanding. In the unborn child lies the mystery and enigma of existence. Confronted by the miracle of life itself, man can only draw back in silence before the wonder of the Lord.
                                                                                                                 Rabbi J. David Bleich.  Contemporary Halakhic  Problems, Vol.1

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He who has the opportunity to forewarn another against sinning and does not do so is called wicked (ch. 6, Shevuot).                                                                                                                                                                              

 Repent one day before your death. Asked his disciples: Does a man know on which day he will die? Said he to them: So being the case, he should repent today, for perhaps tomorrow he will die; hence, all his days are passed in a state of repentance.                              

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