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The preborn child is not a "potential" human being, but rather a Human Being with Potential!

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Whoso sheddeth man’s blood through man, shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made He man. And you, be fruitful, and multiply; swarm in the earth, and multiply therein.          Genesis 9:6-7  

“They have built the high places of Topheth, which is in the valley of the son of Hinnom, to burn their sons and their daughters in the fire; which I didn't command, nor did it come into my mind.                                          Jeremiah 7:31-34


​The Valley of Hinnom, a location in Jerusalem, was used as a place for worshipers in Judah to burn their own children alive as sacrifices to the idols Moloch and Baal. One section of the Hinnom Valley was called Topheth (also spelled Tophet or Topeth), where the children were slaughtered (2 Kings 23:10). The name Topheth is derived from either, or both, the Hebrew word toph, meaning a drum, because the cries of children being sacrificed by the priests of Moloch were masked by the sound of the beating on drums or tambourines.                         Wikipedia

​​RU486 - Mifepristone, also known as the Abortion Pill, is manufactured by Hoechst AG, a subsidiary of the same German company that manufactured Zyklon-B, the gas used to exterminate Jews in WWII.
RU486 is a chemical abortion method approved for use in women during the embryonic stage. It is actually several dangerous drugs taken in succession to cause abortion. We believe that Jews who use this abortion method unknowingly participate in the continuation of Jewish genocide.

 Jewish Pro-Life Foundation Biblical Beliefs

​​​​​​​The Jewish Pro-Life Foundation exists to educate Jews about the sanctity of human life, based on Traditional Jewish texts and modern science and medicine.   We believe that all Jewish men and women ought to be given a specific Jewish look at the sanctity of human life, an opportunity to seek alternatives to abortion, and the chance for healing from the pain of an abortion experience.

We believe that legal restrictions on the use of elective abortion are necessary to save the lives of innocent children and to insure Jewish spiritual and demographic vitality;  however,  we are sympathetic to the reality that women may feel seriously compelled to seek termination as a solution for an unplanned pregnancy.  To this end we offer referrals for adoption and pregnancy care services. 

The Jewish Pro-Life Foundation believes that life begins at conception.  Scientific evidence supports this belief. Indeed, the sciences of fetology and genetics confirm this fact.

We believe that abortion ends the life of an unborn child in various stages of development from conception to birth.

We believe that Halakhic Law prohibits abortion except when the unborn child poses an imminent threat to the life of the mother.  Examples include a breech birth before the use of cesarean section delivery and ectopic pregnancy.   Other cases in which the mother’s life is at great risk must be carefully thought through by rabbinic authority who is thoroughly educated in all aspects of abortion and it’s many negative effects.  
We concur with The American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists  statement on this aspect of abortion:    Abortion is the purposeful killing of the unborn in the termination of a pregnancy. AAPLOG opposes abortion. When extreme medical emergencies that threaten the life of the mother arise (chorioamnionitis or HELLP syndrome could be examples), AAPLOG believes in “treatment to save the mother’s life,” including premature delivery if that is indicated — obviously with the patient’s informed consent. This is NOT “abortion to save the mother’s life.” We are treating two patients, the mother and the baby, and every reasonable attempt to save the baby’s life would also be a part of our medical intervention. We acknowledge that, in some such instances, the baby would be too premature to survive.
We believe that Judaism in no way authorizes the right to elective non-therapeutic abortion -  social, financial, emotional, psychological, or low medical risk.

We believe that it is imperative to value all innocent human life-born and unborn- abled and disabled-perfect or imperfect-and that justifying abortion for Down’s Syndrome, Tay Sach’s, or other genetic abnormalities not only damages the birth parents but also eventually leads to justifying gross, legalized civil rights abuses against ‘undesirable’ minorities.

We believe that elective abortion on demand contradicts the very essence of Judaism.

We believe that abortion is dangerous and harmful to women, to Judaism, and to the Jewish community.

We believe that Jews were given the gift of free will; therefore we have the responsibility and obligation to self-limit the use of abortion.  Regardless of state and federal law, we believe that Jews have the innate compassion and intelligence to choose life.

We believe that many Jews have been deliberately misguided and manipulated by the profit-driven abortion industry.  Many Jews have been convinced that a women’s health and financial security are contingent on her right to have an abortion, the result of which has been thousands of Jewish lives lost and millions of dollars earned by abortion industry providers.

We believe that the dissemination of the reams of evidence, testimonials and peer-reviewed research that is now available about the negative effects of abortion on women will change Jewish attitudes.

We believe that all Jews have the spiritual capacity to overcome the many misguided and short-sighted reasons given for elective abortion.  

We believe that too many post abortive Jewish men and women live with inner guilt, shame, and unhappiness, and that healing and freedom is possible through sharing our pain, and seeking understanding and forgiveness from each other and from the Holy One.

                                                                                                                                         Jews are "sub-human"
"The sub-human, that biologically seemingly complete creation of nature with hands, feet and a kind of brain, with eyes and mouth, is nevertheless a completely different, dreadful creature. He is only a rough copy of a human being, with human-like facial traits but nonetheless morally and mentally lower than an animal... For all that bare a human face are not equal. (Pamphlet published by the Race Settlement Main Office, Germany, 1942)

                                                                                                                           Unborn babies are "sub-human"
"Fetuses, especially those as old as five or six months, elicit our sympathy... because they look disconcertingly like people... But, this sympathy is misplaced... While [it] may, perhaps, possess some flickering of sensation, or some capacity to feel pain, this is equally true... of creatures like fish or insects... a proper respect for the right to life requires that it not be respected where it does not exist." (Commentary on "Can The Fetus Be An Organ Farm?")                                                                                                                                                                                                          
Abortion: The Hidden Holocaust

​​Abortion Minded?  We know Jewish couples  happy to raise your child in a Jewish home. Please contact us for details today!      

Baruch HaShem.