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Every week approximately 800 unborn Jewish children die from painful abortion.

These helpless and vulnerable babies are given no pain medication before they are killed. Since 2006, the Jewish Pro-Life Foundation (a 501(c)(3) foundation) has sought to save these innocent and precious lives by promoting alternatives to abortion in the Jewish community. We also provide comfort and support to our suffering post-abortive friends and family. Working together we can ensure the future of Judaism, put into action our Jewish obligation to protect innocent lives, and heal our community.

We strive to accompish our mission through EDUCATION, ADOPTION and HEALING.

The Jewish Pro-Life Foundation provides abortion information rarely heard in the Jewish community, education about the development, viability and sanctity of unborn life as well as traditional Jewish law regarding abortion. We provide information about the gruesome, criminal, and tragic side of the abortion business so that our community can make sensible, loving choices for our Jewish unborn children and their parents. We share our message through pro-life literature (print and internet), by speaking to Jewish audiences, sponsoring tabling events and writing letters of concern to Jewish leaders who support abortion. Please help us share our message by hosting a speaker or tabling event in your community. Keep Informed >
The Jewish Pro-Life Foundation knows Jewish couples who want to adopt Jewish babies.These couples can't have children of their own and long to raise a Jewish baby. Choosing this life saving option gives these unborn children a life in a loving, Jewish home. Birth mothers avoid a medical procedure that may harm them, and they will have peace of mind instead of a lifetime of guilt and regret. Choosing Adoption >
For many women, abortion creates whirlwind of emotions including despair, shame and guilt. They are haunted by thoughts of where their child would be now. The Jewish Pro-Life Foundation honors and encourages the healing journey of every post abortive Jew, young or old, male or female, religious or secular. Tikvat Rachel, our post abortion healing program, is free of charge and completely confidential. Let Us Help >Type your paragraph here.

Privacy Statement: The Jewish Pro-Life Foundation respects the privacy of every recipient of our services as well as donors to our organization. You can be assured that any contact with us will be held in the strictest of confidence.

                                            "The Torah is compared to the sneh, the Burning Bush, because fire gives heat, light and devours fuel. But 

                                             the  light of Torah must only give warmth and light, love and hope; it must never be used to destroy or kill.  

                                            This is not Torah; it is a perversion of Torah."  Rabbi Ahron Soloveichik


JPLF is an IRS approved 501(c)3 non-profit educational organization. We are not affiliated with any political organization, Jewish denomination or the messianic movement.
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The preborn child is not a "potential" human being, but rather a Human Being with Potential!

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