“By all the criteria of modern molecular biology, life is present from the moment of conception.”  

                             Professor Hymie Gordon, Mayo Clinic

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Chanukah  - A Miracle Happens. Our Newsletter Launches! 12/9/15


Purim  - Saving Jewish Lives. As Esther Did, So We Try to Do 3/24/16

Shavuot  - Recommitting Our Lives and Our Work To HaShem 6/10/16

High Holidays  - Hope and Healing in 5777  9/12/16

​Chanukah - The Miracle of Life! 12/19/16

Post Abortion Healing Program  - Tikvat Rachel

Hope and Healing With Tikvat Rachel Parts 1-2         9/14/16

Hope and Healing With Tikvat Rachel Parts 3-4         9/21/16

Hope and Healing With Tikvat Rachel Parts 5-8          9/28/16

Hope and Healing With Tikvat Rachel Parts 9-10       10/5/16

Hope and Healing With Tikvat Rachel Parts 11-12     10/12/16 


Purim -  Saving Jewish Lives. A Purim Reminder  3/8/17

Passover - A Celebration of Jewish Life! 4/6/17

Shavuot - A Shavuot Pro-Life Message  5/27/17

Tisha B'Av - A Day To Mourn Jewish Abortion Deaths 7/29/17

ALERT  Jewish Abortion Worker And Her Rabbi Use Judaism To Justify Killing Unborn Children 6/8/17

ALERT  Rabbi Scott Weiner Hosts Planned Parenthood Religion, Sex, and Politics Event 7/2/17

​ALERT Pediatrician Dr. Rachel Berger Hosts Planned Parenthood Fundraiser  7/30/17

ALERT  Oppose Dr. Rachel Levine's Efforts To Put Planned Parenthood in PA High School  8/21/17

Our Remarks at the Festival For Life in Peekskill NY  9/17/17

Sukkot - The Four Kinds of Jews All Began Life as Human Embryos 10/8/17

​Expose the ACJW Abortion Lies 10/15/17

ALERT Dr. Daniel Grossman Helps Planned Parenthood Administer Telemedicine Chemical Abortion 11/5/17

Parsha Toldat: Protecting Generations of Jews to Come ​11/12/17 

Parsha Vayeitzei: An Empty Uterus Cannot Fill An Empty Soul  11/28/17

Parsha Vayishlach: The Way Home 12/4/17


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The preborn child is not a "potential" human being, but rather a Human Being with Potential!

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