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Rabbi Ahron Soloveichik's statement on abortion after New York  State legalized abortion in 1970: " Sometimes we must protest under sacred and noble causes.  It bleeds my heart that none of the Jewish organizations in New York  protested......We are more guilty than  any other people; we are more ashamed than any other generation. "  Read Rabbi Soloveichik's complete statement.

 For There are three [persons] who drive away the Shekkinah  (indwelling of  God ) from the world, making it impossible for the Holy One, Blessed be He, to fix His abode in the universe and causing prayer to be  unanswered.....{The third is} he who causes the fetus to be destroyed in the womb, for he destroys the artifice of the Holy One, blessed be He, and His workmanship......For these abominations the  Spirit of Holiness weeps                                             

                                                                                                                                                                                                                Zohar, Shemot 3b ( written appr. 150 CE )        

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The preborn child is not a "potential" human being, but rather a Human Being with Potential!

A Jew is governed by such reverence for life that he trembles lest he tamper unmindfully with the greatest of all divine gifts, the bestowal or withholding of which is the prerogative of God alone. Although he be master over all within the world, there remain areas where man must fear to tread, acknowledging the limits of his sovereignty and the limitations of his understanding. In the unborn child lies the mystery and enigma of existence. Confronted by the miracle of life itself, man can only draw back in silence before the wonder of the Lord.

                                                                                                                     Rabbi J. David Bleich.  Contemporary Halakhic  Problems, Vol.1

The Numbers, Astonishing. The Loss Of Life, Tragic. The Reality, Frightening. The Heartache, Inconsolable. 

30,000 Jewish abortions occur in Israel every year. Every week 576 Israeli Jewish pre-born children die a violent death from abortion.*
It is estimated that 2 million Jewish children in Israel have died in this way since 1948.**

1.3% of the weekly 23,000 US abortions are Jewish. Every week nearly 300 US Jewish pre-born children die a violent death from abortion. 

It is estimated that 780,000 Jewish children in America have died in this way since 1973.*** (60 million x .013)

As Jews, We Feel The Pain And Loss Of Each And Every One.

The Jewish Soul ✡ A Simple Thing ✡ At One With God ✡ In Everything Rabbi Simcha Wasserman

​​I call heaven and earth to witness against you this day,  that I have set before thee life and death,  the blessing and the curse; therefore, choose life,  that thou mayest live,  thou and thy seed.               

​                                                                      Deuteronomy 30:19


76% of Jews in America find abortion morally acceptable  2001-2016 Gallop Values and Beliefs Poll

Israel’s abortion law now among world’s most liberal.  Free abortion available and 98% approved. Times of Israel

The nation of Israel cherishes every Jewish unborn child. Each of us feels the loss of every one lost through abortion. Each of us feels the broken heart of the mother and father. We empathize and cry with every Jewish parent who believed the primitive, absurdly arrogant and grossly inaccurate assessment of life in the womb, "It's not alive until it's born."

Gevalt! It IS Alive Before It's Born



​​​​​​​​The Jewish Pro-Life Foundation is a 501(c)(3) educational organization.  Since 2006, we've been seeking to save Jewish lives by promoting alternatives to abortion in the Jewish community. We provide education about the development, viability and sanctity of unborn life, as well as traditional Jewish law regarding abortion. We inspire Jews to welcome pre-born Jewish children into the inclusive movement of modern Jewish life and religion. We provide adoption referrals. We teach our community about the harmful effects of abortion, and provide support to Jewish women and men who suffer from post abortion syndrome.    

The Baby Samuel Photo was shot is 1999.  Samuel was a 21 week unborn child diagnosed with spina bifida.  His parents opted for in utero surgery to repair his physical defect.  The photograph shows Samuel reaching out from his mother’s womb to grasp his surgeon’s finger.  Many children are aborted at this age.  This photograph confirms the undeniable truth - unborn children are interactive, sentient, human beings.

Do you need help coping with  your abortion or someone else's abortion decision, or need to talk to someone about these concerns? Please join our monthly post abortion support call on the first Thursday of the month at 9 pm. EST.
The  call in number is (712) 770-4160. Pin number is  786379.

Welcome to our unique Jewish community where you can openly identify as Jewish and Pro-Life! Here you are accepted and respected for your  pro-life sentiments. Here you are celebrated for your commitment to truth and intellectual honesty. Here  you can heal from the traumatic and painful experience of abortion. Here you can find the moral support to leave your job in the abortion industry.   Please like our Facebook page and sign up to receive our periodic email newsletters. We  want to keep you posted about our activities.

​The Jewish Pro-Life Foundation is not affiliated with any Jewish denomination, political organization, or the messianic movement.

Looking for  a Pro -Life Jewish speaker to educate and inspire?

We speak about  civil and human rights protections for unborn children, Judaism’s emphasis in our biblical text for choosing life and prohibiting child sacrifice, scientific evidence for life at conception and moral imperatives to protect innocent life, and the utmost importance for Jews to include HaShem's will into our social justice activities.  We table at events, too!

 The story of one Jewish girl who survived  to raise a Jewish family.

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Do you need help with a pregnancy,?         .Jewish Pregnancy Care is available.

In the USA - In Shifra's Arms.

In Israel - Efrat

Also,  Birthright International  is nonsectarian and appropriate for Jewish pregnancy care.